Made the Switch

O hai, Windows 7.

I have never used Vista for extended periods of time, so everything looks new to my eyes. I didn’t know that Windows 7 had a very pretty graphical user interface for installation setup. Blue screens no more! I normally would panic whenever I see operating system reinstallations, but after setting the boot device to the optical drive and the splash screen of Windows 7 coming to life, relief washed over me. The screen doesn’t seem so machine-like to the user with a screen like that.

Windows 7 desktop

I love the switching desktop background feature!

On my first log in, I was completely flabbergasted with the changes. Everything seems so well-organized and sleek and glossy and… organized. That was my initial “complaint.” With all the menus being grouped together and the lack of text on the taskbar, it was too “user friendly” for someone obsessive-compulsive. I like things organized, but sometimes seeing an arrangement too clean before I even get started on my own organizing makes me consider it borderline messy.

I hope you get what I mean. Here’s an example. It was only minutes ago when I found out how to get my earphones working. I have installed the necessary drivers days ago, but it seemed like I couldn’t hear a thing from my earphones. Tinkered with it now by checking the Sounds tab; I just had to set Headphones as default device. Apparently, the speakers were set to default, and that I had to make additional devices a default, too. It’s so simple, right? I have always solved software computer problems on my own, but how could I possibly miss that part for days? (I’m specific on the software part, I’m too scared to open the CPU by myself—it falls under power engineer jobs).

There are also new additions in the form of Gadgets (think Widgets—now I don’t have to download Stickies) and the Snipping Tool (think Grab on Mac). But the biggest discovery of all is finally understanding and playing Minesweeper. Yes, you read that right. Is this one OS, one built-in game at a time? I only learned Spider Solitaire when I used XP.

P.S. I also have Purble Place now! I love that game. Haha. :)



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  • Aja

    I taught you Minesweeper! Yay! What’s next? Hearts? Freecell? Uhm… StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty? Haha :P

    • MM

      Please teach me Hearts. I really don’t get it!

  • Claud

    Ang techie mo ano po!

    • MM

      Hehehe po. :)

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