This Post is Not for the Procrastinator

In light of my previous post, here are the two Cs that make me spend hours on Facebook. If you are a responsible student, graduating or not, please set your gaming time limits. I warned you, okay?

This is basically a game that allows you to build your own city. Simple, isn’t it? The application is created by the same minds who brought to us Farmville (which I have never played, I liked Barn Buddy better), Zynga. You get to build houses, community buildings, businesses, franchises and more. There is also a farm which will serve as the resource for your businesses, and a train where you can import or export goods as needed.

Cityville on Facebook

Welcome to my empire ;)

As with all other games on Facebook, it was merely curiosity that made me try it. Day one, I found myself hooked. That is until I found out a major downside: the need for more neighbors to help you out in tasks. For one, the community buildings require “personnel/staff” which basically means your friend on Cityville has to accept the job post in order for your building to be fully constructed. Community buildings are important to level up because these structures determine the maximum limit of your population. In short, the more community buildings, more people you can invite and live in your city.

The good thing (or should I say bad) is that there are active players on my list who help out in all my requests, from energy refills to job opportunities in my buildings. Having more neighbors is an advantage since they can also help you out on collecting coins which can help you save up on your own energy points.

After a week of playing, the novelty is slowly wearing off. I hope I stop playing, actually. This takes too much of my time!

Cooking Mama
I only started playing Cooking Mama this week. I wasn’t actually familiar with the gameplay since I have never played on a Nintendo Ds, but apparently it’s like Cooking Academy where you, well, cook. You slice, chop, fry, pour and more. Then you have to open your restaurant (shifts) to sell your dishes and earn money.

Cooking Mama on Facebook

This is how the app looks like.

I really like interactive games because it makes me feel good about myself. See, I don’t know how to cook and this is the closest I get to cooking something that looks delectable.

Cooking Mama on Facebook

Melting butter!

There are certain goals to accomplish for you to earn experience points, coins and even rewards. However, some goals require unlocked dishes before you could even start on them. It’s also vague how to satisfy your customer’s demands. They have this thought balloon with food that they apparently like, and sometimes, it isn’t the one placed on your menu. I don’t know whether I should still cook their cravings to place on the next menu because they eventually leave after passing your “restaurant”.

Less than 10 players on my list, only half of them active. I wonder until when I’d be nuts about this game. In fact, I have been switching windows while writing this post ‘cause I was playing. Ugh.

Those two games I mentioned are insanely addictive. So if you lack multi-tasking skills or you have poor time management skills, I suggest you avoid checking them out. Or uninstall Flash. LOL



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