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Everybody’s getting their own iPads and I am not joining the bandwagon. For one, it’s too expensive. I also already own a pretty PSP, a platform where all my favorite games are. Of course, the favorite list gets updated in a while, but that still does not justify the need to buy an iPod Touch that got hit by the red mushroom.

My friends at work have iPads, and thanks to them, I get to test drive some of the most popular apps available for the touchscreen wonder.

Angry Birds
The first time I attempted to play this game was months ago, when one of my co-workers have gotten for herself then a recent released iPad. I didn’t get why the birds looked so grumpy, nor the fact that the pigs are green and have violet eyes for black eyes. The interest for it once resurfaced when my friends and I visited Power Mac Center a month ago. While my friend was looking for the perfect earphones, I trooped to the area where the test units are and played for a while. After playing a bit of Angry Birds and Slice It!, I reminded myself I already have a gaming system for my entertainment—I really enjoyed those two. I forgot all about the apps but was reminded of it again when one of my friends bought a Nokia phone which has the latest Symbian release, Symbian^3. Touchscreen phones equipped with that OS can run apps such as Angry Birds. So there, thanks friend for making me want to play again.

Angry Birds screenshot

I remember this level oh so vividly—I had to try and try to pass this one!

Fortunately, I came across a PC version of Angry Birds, and I confess, I’m hooked! It’s understandably tougher to estimate the distance and propel the birds to beat ‘em pigs, but the puzzles and features with the touchscreen version are all the same. I say this is one well-crafted game: difficulty varies at some point, but the learning curve for the physics involved with it is just right. You know some games that are just impossible to finish? This one makes you wanna solve, not abandon. And I think it’s one of those points that make a game a winner.

The game is available for the following platforms: iOS, Maemo (simply put is the Nokia N900, as far as I know the only Maemo gadget out there), Palm webOS, Android, Symbian^3 (sucks to be a notch lower than this edition of Symbian!), PSP/PlayStation 3 (I won’t get this for my PSP, isn’t it a tad too small and hard to control), and the two biggies, Windows and Mac OS X.

Doodle Jump
The Ovi Store is the Nokia equivalent to the iTunes Store. It requires an Internet connection, but thanks to Wi-Fi all over the place, getting free apps isn’t that hard at all. My latest visit to the Store (Ovi, that is) welcomed me with a message saying that I have free apps to claim. It was a set of applications which I installed for the sake of installing. It’s available, it’s free, so why not?

Doodle Jump screenshot

Doodle Jump proves simplicity still work

Days after my clueless download, one of my workmates shared her growing addiction to Doodle Jump. She whipped out her iPad and demonstrated how the game works. You’re a bouncy creature named Doodler who has to go up, up, up and away with the use of platforms and power-ups. Sounds simple, right? You control Doodler by moving your device to the direction desired. That is where the fun begins and lasts. The motion sensitivity was good (got to test Doodle Jump on an iPad and a Symbian S60 5th Edition and for me, it delivered the same response to my, uhm, steering abilities). The iPad version have interchangeable themes for Doodler’s environment while the Symbian version is as it is. Novelty is the same, so I’m not really complaining.

Doodle Jump is currently available for devices on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Samsung Mystic. A big plus for them supporting not just Symbian^3! I wonder how the gameplay is for BlackBerry, though.

Fruit Ninja
The feeling of having your pointer finger swiping across the screen as if you’re a master chef, or simply someone powerful, is priceless. This is exactly what Fruit Ninja delivers. The mechanics are simple: slice (swipe) the fruits thrown in the air before it hits the ground (more like disappears). But not everything can be swiped, as there are also bombs to make it a little difficult.

Fruit Ninja screenshot

Playing this always makes me think of fruit salad. LOL

The simple gameplay coupled with the realistic graphics of the fruits make this game a must-have. It’s not just the fruits that are realistic, even the splatters too! Difficulty is questionable; fruits are thrown in the air at random and sometimes, the bombs are unavoidable. One can probably play this for hours with two fingers, but it’s not a good suggestion, ‘no?

This game is available for iOS, Android devices and Windows Phone 7.

How about you? What are your favorite apps?

Photo credits: Rovio (Angry Birds), iTunes Store (Doodle Jump) and Fruit Ninja (Fruit Ninja)



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