Holy Crepe!

I’m a half-believer when it comes to reviews, or at least, try to be. Whenever I try something that’s a recommendation, I have high expectations. I guess curiosity gets the best of me, especially with food.

My co-workers and I trooped to Café Breton for a dessert, specifically, crepe. Now I have heard from another friend that their mango crepe is yummy, but of course, I’m a half-believer unless I try it. So I finally did.

I decided to make my own crepe—it didn’t involve much, just mangoes. La Pinay is the bestseller but I wasn’t in the mood for ice cream, so I just settled with my favorite fruit as my crepe’s filling. I took a bite and woah, it’s so good I felt like crying (exaggerating here—it was that delightful). The sweetness is perfect, the crepe is perfect.

Café Breton's mango crepe

I like my crepe simple. And I only like mangoes, so there.

My two companions got themselves a La Pinay each.

Café Breton's La Pinay

It's essentially like my mango crepe plus chocolate syrup and vanilla ice cream

Part of my fave desserts list now!

In other news, these redenvelope.com/ring-holders-rrngh are cute!



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  • Louie

    This made me remember the crepe that I had when we ate at Heat at Edsa Shangri-La. It had bananas. They were still unripe to me. But I’m really picky with bananas because I don’t like the acrid taste of unripe bananas. So maybe, it was just me.

    You’re posting a lot of food-related entries, ah?

    • MM

      You should try the crepes at Cafe Breton! Haven’t tried Heat yet!

      Yeah, all I do is eat =))

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