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Went to Greenhills over the weekend and tried two new variations of my favorites: milk tea and Japanese food. :)

I heard there was a new milk tea place at Promenade, so it was part of my agenda. For someone who loves milk tea, I just had to check out Happy Lemon. Aside from the usual milk tea, they also have other drinks including the much-hyped rock salt and cheese drink. I wasn’t up for it that day, simply because I haven’t tasted something like it and I don’t want a tummy ache to ensue. Maybe next time?

Happy Lemon at Promenade

Happy Lemon at Promenade

I ordered the milk tea with pudding. I like them almost tasteless, just a teensy hint of tea goodness. The pudding’s better than the egg ones at Bubble Tea.

I don’t have a picture of my order because I was too thirsty and it took twelve minutes before I received my cup. They were adequately staffed but it seemed like ages before your drinks get served. I don’t know if I should attribute this to the concoctions they offer; it seemed like they carefully put the ingredients and whatnot in each cup and watch them over until it gets finished before they move on to the next drink.

Will be willing to try the rock salt and cheese drink next time, and maybe some other drinks too.


We finally chanced upon Omakase this particular Greenhills visit. The last time we attempted to dine at the said Japanese restaurant, we were greeted by the sign CLOSED. So I was skeptical to wait for a couple more minutes just to have a taste of the rolls that some of my friends have been raving so much about. I even know of someone who doesn’t like raw food who ate Omakase’s Dynamite Roll and she thought it was a taste she hasn’t encountered before. Everything was going well until she found out that there was a small piece of raw fish in the roll. But she admits it was really that good.

My mom doesn’t like unagi, so we had to skip that one. Instead, we chose to try the Omakase Roll which has cucumber, kani and salmon sashimi on top, Tofu Steak and the Tiger Maki.

We had salmon sashimi first, reasonably priced at Php 200 for 10 pieces. A good deal if you ask me!

Omakase's salmon sashimi

I just love salmon sashimi

The Omakase Roll is a big surprise. I was aware that it had cucumber but I didn’t expect that I would actually like it so much. The combination is just, wow.

Omakase's Omakase Roll

The Omakase Roll fuses flavors in one bite

The Tofu Steak is not what we expected. The tofu is wrapped in thin beef slices and cooked in a special sauce. I love Teriyaki Boy’s Tofu Steak, but this one is presented a bit differently. How can you go wrong with salty beef? I had to give up my chopsticks and use utensils for this one.

Omakase's Tofu Steak

Maybe I should learn how to cook these things?

This roll is another yummy delight. It’s soft-shelled crab inside. I can’t remember the name!

Omakase's Tiger Eye

Not sure if the name's Tiger Eye

Food was great, exceeded my expectations. I can say it was worth the wait—but I will have to try that Dynamite Roll and find out for myself if it really tastes extraordinary.

Oh, what a way to start the week. :)



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