Going Bonkers on Numbers

The first week of work for this year felt like a month. The workload needed 30 days to finish (okay, exaggerating). Hopefully we could finally wrap things up so I could move on with my other tasks and responsibilities at work.

This reminds me of my Facebook status the other day:

It’s probably thesis season for most students. Don’t hate it, do well at it, because work doesn’t have anything like it. Schoolwork offers a “different” sense of accomplishment versus work. For one, the grades are proof that you did well. Haha excuse the grade conscious! I just miss studying. ♥

I miss the rush, the fulfillment after days of skipping sleep and being in front of the computer or staring at walls memorizing and studying for hours. Work doesn’t have anything like it. Or maybe it does, getting used to seeing my name in print before entering the “real world” leaves me thinking “that’s the way it is.” Finishing work, meeting deadlines and not rendering overtime are those things close to that feeling I get when in school. Those are the equivalents to getting the highest score, an exemption for a project, etcetera.

While I am admittedly not a fan of quantitative means to prove a point (best example of this would have to be our thesis. We planned to do it the qualitative way, but for our topic to blossom into something academic, we had to make use of quantitative means), grades somehow give me the assurance that I am doing well. Quantitative proof of excellence is not present at work, except evaluation, but that isn’t something you’d normally encounter after every work output, after every beaten deadline. That statement excludes people in the quota/percentage/sales world where the figures speak for their performance, which then reflects on their actual evaluation as an employee of the company.

I like getting high grades. I won’t sleep for a usual weekly exam if I had to, coupled with drinking insane amounts of coffee. The sleepless nights and the stress that comes with it are all part of the package. Same with work, but the validation doesn’t reflect right away in the form of a returned test paper or index card. Maybe I am the type who wants to see immediate “results”/”recognition”. I do get a “job well done” every now and then at work, but a part of me wishes to see it translated in numbers to “see” if I aced it. Crazy grade consciousness I have in me! I guess college can really change people.

With or without “grades”, I guess all that matters is to continuously work hard and earn that satisfaction you’re chasing after. Haha, I resolve my thoughts in a blog post.

I think too much recently, ‘no? It’s as if I am pondering on applying for an online nursing degree or something to that effect. LOL seriously online nursing degree? Will eat chips instead.

Dormitos pillow


Isn’t my pillow the cutest?



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