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I was dumbfounded (and very hungry) in front of the merienda cart earlier. Was torn between VCut barbecue-flavored potato chips and fish crackers with vinegar, until I saw one of my co-workers holding a Jack and Jill product. VCut it is, I said to myself. But the sourness was all too tempting, so I asked her what snack I should pick. And she chose the potato chips. My eyes flicked to the drinks tray. Another hard decision, to get that Coke Sakto bottle or not? Apparently my co-worker was thinking the same. Both of us didn’t buy a drink, but we thought our snack would have been better with Coke, and returned inside the office.

Minutes later, she went to my desk, a Coke bottle on each hand. The other one was for me, she said. I have the nicest officemates in the world, really. That made me think of the “it’s better to give than to receive” saying and all the other give-take situations that exist. And it went on and on and on in my head.

It’s amazing what eating and a simple gesture can do sometimes with the kind of thoughts and realizations that dawned on me while munching on salty chips—a big proof of my overthinking. Here are some of them:

“Best” is subjective
If you can defend what you like and believe, then surely you will have respect for what other people will deem as the “best.” In the past few months, being exposed to quality-related work, I figured that what looks good in my opinion oftentimes barely even pass other people’s standards. And there’s nothing wrong with it. Just because they say it’s nice doesn’t mean you have to change your “eye”. If it will benefit you, remember what they like. And oh, for you, don’t forget what you like. This is quite like the next one.

Make a stand
You don’t have to lose yourself in an environment nor be dictated in what you believe in. Opinions are opinions, they are yours and should not be changed just because someone believes otherwise or thinks that your preposition is wrong. By doing this you retain who you are, and that’s important, right?

Less talk, learn more
Listening is vital in learning. While you have so many things to say about the world and know so many things based from observations and experiences, sometimes it is best to simply keep your mouth shut and not relay all the information you know. Seldom do you get more for your mind when you do all the talking. Being smart indeed is not about doing the talk.

Comparing will get you nowhere
No matter how much details you gather that another person is getting more than what you think they deserve, it’s no use and you can’t really do anything about it. Why waste your time and energy thinking that he/she is better than you at this or he/she shouldn’t have that? It’s not for you to decide and not really your business. Not only that, it does not contribute to your well-being. So stop comparing and pay attention to yourself.

Some friendly reminders from the isparkleen.



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  • Claud

    I like #1 and #2.
    #3, tuhma. I’ve to learn how to talk more though. :|

    • MM

      Thanks! Sobrang raw lang ng sinulat ko, binasa ko ulit. =))

      You can do it! :D

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