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Being back to the daily grind after the holidays is not an easy transition. Yes, it’s probably going back to your job last 2010 for most people, in the same place, same workstation. But there are some things that need a reset. On top of my list is my body clock. During the holidays, I spent days and nights watching The Big Bang Theory and Gossip Girl while happily clicking away at random sites that either capture my interest or merely part of my Internet habits. Not that I was complaining, but I really had a hard time sleeping the night before the first workday of the year, and was it a challenge to keep myself wide awake while convincing myself that I’m basically still in front of a computer, it’s just that it wasn’t mine. I am not the type who would waste away the hours in the office by surfing leisurely. Unless there’s really nothing to do, a rarity for my job.

Moving on, the bag pictured below was a gift last Christmas. Now it has an ink stain of sorts. I don’t know where the stain came from AND I couldn’t wipe it off. I don’t even have a blue ballpen with me!

A days-old bag gets a nasty stain

A days-old bag gets a nasty stain

Tried scrubbing it with warm soapy water to no avail. Poor pretty, roomy tote! :(

In other news, here’s a pahabol gift from my officemate:

Billabong puzzle piece key chain

A Billabong puzzle piece key chain

Four of us have the exact same thing. We tried “completing the puzzle” and all four pieces fit perfectly. Of course. :)

With all the gift-giving still ongoing, it seems like it is still Christmas. Well, the breeze is enough proof that Christmas is still here! Brrrr!



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