On A Holidaze

Christmas post, let’s get it on.

The Geek went over on Christmas Eve and with him was Bad Badtz Maru! His gift was obviously from Gift Gate (with the wrapper). I felt his nervousness when he saw my Bad Badtz Maru stuffed toy. Turns out, his gift is just the same, but has a different texture. Thank you! :)

Bad Badtz Maru times two!

Bad Badtz Maru times two!

Fast-forward to noche buena:

Rack's Classic Pork Ribs

My favorite Rack’s Classic Pork Ribs

Racks Fish and Chips

Racks Fish and Chips

Conti's Lengua Estofado

Conti’s Lengua Estofado—another favorite!

We started ordering most of the food for noche buena last year. Less stress for a food-loving family like ours.

We also pooled random gifts this year (it’s weird to say exchange gift, LOL). Unlike Secret Santa, there’s no wishlists, so the gift/s you have to purchase should be unisex. Ours was tougher because my cousin’s a part of it so it should be something a toddler would appreciate.

Gifts galore!

Gifts galore!

Most of the gifts turned out to be stuff our little boy won’t like, but he got lucky because he got a big pillow! With the rest of what I’ve received, I’m happy that all of them are stuff I like and/or useful. Yaaay! :)


The day after Christmas is my nanay‘s birthday, so we went out to celebrate at Resorts World Manila in Pasay. Shabu-shabu was the safest bet, so A Thousand Cranes it is!

A Thousand Cranes Shabu-Shabu

A Thousand Cranes Shabu-Shabu for the second time. Veggies!

Newport Mall was posh and classy. And people can apparently light their alec bradleys and the likes inside the mall because upon reaching the second floor, I can smell was cigarette smoke. The interiors were nice, though, and very Christmas-y.

Christmas at Newport Mall

Christmas at Newport Mall

And since I am on a holidaze, wrapping this post up. I am amazingly feeling sleepy despite waking up in the afternoon. Ugh.



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  • Aja

    I usually feel more sleepy the longer I sleep during the day. If I get to sleep just four hours or less, I’d be more active the whole day. :P Say Hi! to BBM II for me! LOLJK :lol:

    • MM

      BBMs say hi! -_-

  • Cla

    Ohmegahd. The veggies looks so good,a dn the fish and chips, and the pork ribs O_O

    Anyhows, a later Christmas greeting for you Ate M! And happy new year! :D

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