Dear Santas that both go with the letter N (Nuffnang and Nokia),

First off, let me introduce myself.

Nokia C6

Hi! I am MM’s Nokia C6

I am a Nokia C6 (-00) writing in behalf of my master, MM. Her mom is a proud owner of my good friend Nokia 5000. Showing signs of age, my fella in blue case plans to retire next year. My dear friend has served her mom well. We are currently looking for a worthy replacement by searching in our family tree’s extensive and updated like crazy database (aka the Nokia website).

Nokia 5000 in blue

Here is my friend, the Nokia 5000 in blue

We check out the site from time to time. I was shocked upon knowing that our family is expanding, and that I have a new sibling (again!). Jeez, it has really been that long since I got out of the production plant. There’s another C baby out! And I am not complaining (the thought of getting phased out doesn’t bother me at all, I just don’t like having a namesake, ehemC6-01ehem). Not that I am bragging here, I say we’re the best out of the bunch the Nokia HQ has ever produced. So bring on more Cs like us. We’re classy, convenient and cute units.

Nokia C7

Nokia C7 looking good!

MM likes taking photos and I like what she lets me see! Food, places, pretty things, etcetera! While I am a sharp shooter myself at 5-megapixels, (I have bragging rights), my dear sibling C7 has an 8-megapixel eye. With the C7, her mom could finally take clear and crisp shots whenever she and MM are out. The Nokia C7 also runs on Symbian^3 with 250 new features to boot for a better user experience (yay!). She also has a hard time reading/seeing from a small screen, so the C7’s vivid 3.5″ high-resolution display would be perfect for her. I always have a hard time deciphering what she meant with her sentences whenever I receive her SMS for MM because she always has a typo. Oops, I hope she’s not reading this, she might not charge me every morning anymore. :(

THE Nokia C7, Nokia C6 and Nokia 5000

Will there be a Nokia Christmas gathering in the house?

I hear she wants to upgrade a bit, too, but she doesn’t want to spend a lot for a new feature-packed phone. So here I am relaying her Christmas wish this year. We would really like Nokia C7’s company this Christmas. This will bring smiles and more fun to our bosses.

Nokia C6

Nokia C6 Drawing application

Isn’t my Drawing application nice?

I really want to meet my newest sibling. Christmas is a time for reunions and I could use some company.

The Nokia 5000 also has a message!

Nokia 5000

Nokia 5000 shows gratitude



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  • Louie

    What a unique way of writing a post!

    I’m planning to buy a new phone after the holidays, well, that is I’ll still get aguinaldo this Christmas. LOL. The phone that I’m using right now can no longer be used for receiving or making calls. I want an Android phone, but if my budget won’t permit me, I’ll settle with a cheap phone.

    • MM

      The C7 deserves a uniquely-written post. ;)

      Btw, what happened to your phone? :) What do you want in a phone, anyway? Everybody’s been getting C3s!

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