It’s Raining Rings!

Fashionable rings

Fashionable rings galore!

Honestly, I have only fancied accessories when I started working. When I think about it, I should’ve started accessorizing (consciously) when I was in college because my university requires students to wear uniforms. That time, I was into collecting earrings. I have a modest collection of earrings from various places, some were given to me.

Last month, my co-worker gave me a cute plastic ring. I wore it right after she gave it to me and found myself looking at my ring finger countless times after. Days after, I finally included rings to my to-watch-for-in-stores list. I even found a camera ring! Woohoo!

One boring day, I went accessories shopping. These are my finds (the black heart ring is a Christmas gift):

Three rings and a bangle

Three rings and a bangle

That floral bangle caught my eye too. It’s perfect for plain tees. Bangles, are you next? :P



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  • Iza


    • MM

      I particularly liked this owl because it looked so… kind. LOL. :)

  • Claud

    Love it, M! Nangongolekta na rin ako ng rings ngayon. :)

    • MM

      Ang cute cute nila! Although, cheapskate ako when it comes to rings. I saw a camera ring (bigger than the one I recently bought) and it’s super expensive. Even if I want it so badly, I won’t buy it. Eh vintage looking pa naman so feeling ko it could’ve been cheaper.

  • Claud

    BTW, gagawa na ako ng mga rings. Bigyan kita pag maganda.

    • MM

      Weee I like that! TIA :D

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