Cute Christmas Presents

I received some presents from my officemates. Through gift-giving, I realized that these people who get stressed every now and then would really think about what to give their co-workers this season. These thoughts came running in my head because I really like the things they gave me for this Christmas. Not to sound materialistic but I felt they took their time looking for the stuff I’d want/use, I really find it cute. I mean, if you get stressed every now and then, you wouldn’t want to stress yourself with shopping. This is probably what “It’s the thought that counts” meant. Clearly, highly-creative people are the coolest.

Crab pull-back toy, LEGO Kingdom, LEGO City, Forever 21 necklace, bookmark

From L-R: Crab pull-back toy, LEGO Kingdom, LEGO City, Forever 21 necklace, bookmark

We also played Secret Santa. The only guy included in our little game was my Santa and he didn’t just gift me with a LEGO minifig, he got City sets! He even told me that his toddler likes LEGO too. Some of my officemates discovered that it’s not just the fondness for the color blue that makes me a “boy.”

Speaking of mini-games, I still haven’t thought of my gift for our family’s exchange gift. It’s been years since I participated in one! Thinkthinkthink!



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