Let’s Talk About Bread

Flosss is my BreadTalk favorite. I recently discovered that there is another Floss variant aside from the regular Flosss, Fire Flosss, Cheese Floss, and Hot Chic—California Flosss. It makes use of fluffier bread (think mamon), sandwiched with cream and topped with pork flosss. Nomnomnom. Reason for not having taken a photo of it is obvious.

Marble Tiger Loaf by BreadTalk

Lemme hear you say “grr”

On the other hand, the bread pictured above, if I am not mistaken, is called Marble Tiger Loaf in mocha. Only discovered this during a meeting weeks ago. The tiger-pattern part is so yummy, almost chewy. I passed by a BreadTalk branch days ago, peeked inside, and saw the two “Recently Added” to my favorites list side by side. I just had to buy them both.

Did my research just now and discovered that they sell this by the roll in Indonesia! Name differs a bit and they consider it as dry cake over there. Our local franchise’s supply is quite unpredictable as other breads aren’t available all the time. I need vortex binoculars so I could check the trays from the outside. XD K, hungry mode on.



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  • Louie

    I love BreadTalk! Lalo na yung Floss — but not the spicy variant. I just really don’t think that something spicy and bread goes well together. Hehe. The only problem with BreadTalk is that their breads are so expensive, no wonder the BreadTalk in SM City Pampanga closed after few months. But then again, it was located in the newest wing where only few people go.

    • MM

      So there’s no BreadTalk branch in Pampanga? You should try the California Flosss. Super recommend it :D

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