So Write, Right?

One of those crazy thoughts that popped in my mind months ago was the idea of myself talking in front of people as a speaker of sorts. Back then, the idea of looking and sounding smart appealed to me too much that I didn’t really think about reality—what am I supposed to talk about? Will students take me seriously?

Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.

My guild in college, CASA Chronicle, invited me to be one of their guest speakers for the annual So Write! writing seminar, now on its fifth year. The first So Write! took place when I was just a mere freshie who joined the guild because she believed then that writing is all she’s got. Nowadays, I am thinking otherwise—not that I think I am talented in other aspects, but I am actually questioning my writing skills—I shouldn’t be saying this for me to remain credible in the eyes of the students who came to listen to me.

It was held more than a week ago at the Thomas Aquinas Research Center Auditorium. I have to congratulate the guild for reserving a better venue for the talk. During my stint as guildhead, all we could work with was the small auditorium in our building.

The venue wasn’t that packed but that was fine since most of the students had classes (and I know how it goes in UST). That eased my nerves a bit. What I didn’t know was that my former professor, Eros Atalia, would also talk before me. The guy is still as entertaining as ever, so I guess my presentation was quite a lull moment.

CASA Chronicle So Write Year 5

Storytelling my background as a student writer

The topic for this year was about student writers. Most people in college have branded me as “the Candy girl,” thanks to my Candy Council of Cool 7 (COC7) experience when I was in second year college. That paved the way for writing opportunities in Candy even after my COC7 stint. Besides the thrill of the bylines, it has given me credibility as a professional. In school, I think it somehow helped me get plus points as my classmates have put their faith and trust in the quality of work I give in terms of group and class projects. Some of my professors have also wanted to know my thoughts and ideas (unfortunately, I have not been able to set aside time for such endeavors, I feel bad about it) and that alone is flattering.

CASA Chronicle So Write Year 5

Why do I look like I’m dancing here?

I wasn’t able to say this during the talk but being a student writer will definitely help especially in applying for a writing job. There’s no need to come up with sample essays anymore. It would be time-consuming if I had to write home theater reviews or an essay of some sort. A compilation of published works will greatly suffice—and impressive enough for the editor who’s going to interview you. (I didn’t really think of my work then as a portfolio. I decided to use them as samples for my convenience.)

And because sharing is a good thing to do, I have made the summary of my lecture available for download. Here’s to hoping the students got some valuable insights from my talk.

Once again, thank you to Jennifer Dullano and the rest of the guild for inviting me. Congratulations CASA Chronicle!



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  • Hazel

    wow! congrats! from writer to speaker… niiice :)

    • MM

      Thanks Hazel! You have a new blog na! :)

  • elainey

    Ohmygosh! May “So Write!” pa rin! I’m so proud! =) I can’t believe it’s been five years. Gah I feel old. Haha! Good job! I’m sure you did great. :)

    • MM

      Kayo ang pioneer non! :D Woohoo!

      Hee, thanks. I’m really happy that the guild is doing great. Nakapagmonthly release sila last sem! Samantalang tayo, struggle for an issue!

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