Vacay in BKK, Thailand: Part Three

A visit to Bangkok would not be complete without checking out Chatuchak Weekend Market. This market is one of the most recommended shopping destinations in Thailand, due to the wide range of items sold there at competitive prices. Like most shopping areas, Chatuchak requires patience and haggling skills.

But before trooping to Chatuchak, we had breakfast at the Indra Regent Hotel. The buffet breakfast they offer daily is all-American fare.

Breakfast at the Indra Regent Hotel

Two sunny sides, ham, cheese, chicken hotdog and French toast

Scouring good finds under the heat of the sun is something we have anticipated, so we left the hotel immediately after breakfast. Chatuchak is indeed big! We managed to find a map but we just decided to look around and see what we can find. I was starting to lose hope with it early on.

Chatuchak Clock Tower

Chatuchak Clock Tower. It’s so sunny here, which explains the lens flare


Chatuchak craze!

I am not a good tiangge-type shopper because I hate small spaces packed with people. Much to my surprise, I found a stall that sells stylish pants at a whopping price of 170 baht per piece (if you buy a couple of pieces from them). Woohoo!


A big pair of pants hang in one of the stalls in Chatuchak. I am loving the lens flare!

Noon came and we were still there, checking out every soi1. Chatuchak indeed, has it all: modern furniture, home decor, accessories, etc.There was a stall there that sells pork balls and hotdogs—the sauce is so delicious! At first it wasn’t spicy at all until it settles in your mouth. Crazy chili!

We decided to just get back to our hotel. On one floor of our hotel is the Indra Food Square. Similar to the Siam Paragon food court, they make use of a prepaid card system for paying meals.

Indra Food Square—White Chicken with Rice

What I ordered—White Chicken with Rice

My cousin preferred McDonald’s so we ordered from there, too.

McDonald's Thai Menu

McDonald’s Thai menu features a triple-patty burger!

Best way to end a meal, is of course, to have scrumptious dessert.

Dessert station at the Indra Food Square

Dessert station at the Indra Food Square

Indra Food Square's Mango Sticky Rice

Sticky rice with mangoes!

We went back to the Platinum Fashion Mall to check out stalls we might have missed. Since my uncle wanted to have dinner somewhere with seafoods, I told him we should try S&P Restaurant which was located at Panthip Plaza, a few walks away from Platinum.

Coca-Cola in Thailand!

Coca-Cola in Thailand!

When I get back to this city, I will eat at this place again. The crabmeat rice is a simple dish that bursts with flavor!

S&P's Crabmeat Fried Rice

S&P’s Crabmeat Fried Rice is sooo tasty!

Some other dishes we ordered:

S & P Restaurant dish

This one is a rice meal. Forgot the exact name of the dish. This one features beef.=

S&P's Deep-fried Seabass

S&P’s Deep-fried Seabass—absolutely delicious! I forgot the name of the sauce but this dish is memorable!

S&P's Prawns with Hot Chili

Prawns with Hot Chili

S&P's Curry dish

Ordered curry for us to try!

S&P Receipt

Receipt in Thai :P

That caps our third night in Bangkok.

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  1. Thai term for a side-street branching off a major street []


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