Vacay in BKK, Thailand: Part One

A couple of firsts in this trip: I haven’t been to Thailand, and I have never flown with Cebu Pacific Air (CEB). I didn’t know what to expect—all I hoped for then was a comfortable and safe flight from Manila to Bangkok and vice versa. I’m admittedly excited, since I really want to go to Bangkok.

Also a first for me to step inside the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 (NAIA T3). This airport looks clean and well-maintained but nothing spectacular about its design—predominantly white spaces and almost similar to NAIA Terminal 2. Still thankful it’s a far cry from our old NAIA T1. We had dinner in a Japanese joint there.

Sushi at NAIA Terminal 3

Salmon sushi dinner at NAIA Terminal 3

Wait, wait, wait. There wasn’t much to do while waiting, it would have been nice if our airports have free Wi-Fi. Our CEB flight was delayed. Good thing it was only by a few minutes, because beyond that, I would’ve spent my time staring longingly at the Philippine Airlines (PAL) planes parked at Terminal 2. Just kidding.

A Cebu Pacific Air plane at terminal 3

A Cebu Pacific Air plane at terminal 3

I know that CEB is a low-cost carrier whereas PAL is a full-service one, but comparisons cannot be avoided. It’s still about going somewhere far away via airspace and airplane. I have flown mostly with PAL and twice with Singapore Airlines (as a kid then, I was really preoccupied with the Super Mario game, part of their in-flight entertainment). The phrase “You get what you pay for” applies with an LCC like CEB—if you want something, pay extra. So, no yummy airplane food for me. I hope they reconsider providing free snacks, even just the inexpensive ones like a small pack of potato chips (VCut please?) and C2 (yes, even if I am not a fan of bottled tea). Noticeably, there’s not much of legroom. I was already about to fall into sweet slumber when my mom tapped me; the passenger seated next to the window had to go to the lavatory and there’s not much space for her to pass through with us seated.

Blame the media, I half-expected the flight attendants on our flight to starting dancing while demonstrating safety precautions and reminders at the aisle of the Airbus A320. :P I found their flight attendants to be friendly. While I was roaming around the airport waiting for our gate to open, I bumped into CEB FAs and one of them smiled at me (take note, I don’t have a sign on me that says “I am a Cebu Pacific Air passenger”). Upon boarding the plane, I saw her face and even helped me find my seat. Thanks Twinkle for the smiles and assistance! :)

At the end of the day, what’s more important is that we had a smooth flight and we landed safely. Sawasdee1!

The Suvarnabhumi Airport gave me this geekily-happy feeling. The architecture’s features modern elements. Blue is the color of choice for special lighting effects. Reflective glasses are strategically placed on ceilings and even some walls, rendering the illusion of more space. Big screens are everywhere. The place looks so techie, I almost expected the screens to flash the words click here and get all interactive. Funny comparison but the airport is like a newly-released high-end mobile phone packed with awesome features.

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Finally arrived at the Suvarnabhumi Airport!

The trip to the hotel was a long one. It’s past midnight and there’s not much to see. Despite that, the taxi ride entirely made me feel sad about Manila. Skyways ARE the roads so if you have to drive all the way to a place relatively far from the city proper, you can avoid the traffic. Their train systems seem well-planned too as it passes virtually everywhere. They already have the Suvarnabhumi Airport Rail Link connected to Suvarnabhumi Airport. We passed by several “Magallanes Interchanges” before we finally arrived at the Indra Regent Hotel.

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