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Since some of my photos from my recent trip are still untouched (mainly exposure problems—pop-up flash fill makes some of the photos look weird) and I don’t have copies of the photos from a talk I did earlier for my college organization, so I will just post loads of pictures for the sake of updating this blog and to take my mind off our broken aircon.

Today in pictures:

Simple Line's Tapioca Black Milk Tea

Same old taste, new name and slightly altered logo

The search for the best milk tea in town is comparable to looking for the best hair loss products—a bunch of them out in the market, but only few can actually be considered good enough after really testing them out. I have tried Serenitea and Bubble Tea, arguably two of the most popular in the milk tea category. They are runner-ups to me, winner for me is still Simple Life/Simple Line. They closed shop some months ago but they recently came back with the name Simple Line. Currently, they have three branches, all located in the Manila area. Please, Simple Line, more branches! I ordered two large milk teas earlier, one of which I took home and refrigerated. I can’t believe I actually kind of hoarded for milk tea.

The Thomasian 2009

Our heavyweight yearbook!

I was already in the area so I decided to finally claim my college yearbook. Boy, was it heavy!

Yellow Cab—Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta

My favorite next to seafood marinara!

Yellow Cab—Four Seasons Pizza

Four seasons, one pie

For merienda/dinner was Yellow Cab. I missed these!

Virtua Tennis PSP UMD

Virtua Tennis UMD!

The geek gave me my birthday present… inside the box was a Virtua Tennis UMD. It’s a real challenge to look for it in Data Blitz stores. I came across a second-hand UMD at Greenhills but for the price, I didn’t even bother testing it. So… hooray! I can finally play alongside Maria Sharapova, LOL.

A token from So Write Year 5!

A token from So Write Year 5—tumbler!

And my amazing guild, Chronicle, gave me this cute tumbler as a token for being one of their speakers earlier. Thanks for inviting me, I hope I made sense earlier.

Now back to the reality that is pseudo-brownout.



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  • akina

    wow meron na ulit simple life, este simple line na pala. cant wait to have a sip!yumyum!

    • MM

      I know! Ano ba fave mo dun? :)

  • Iza

    where are the branches :D Hahaha. I’m interested in trying :D hahaha.

    • MM

      1212 V. Concepcion St. Sampaloc, Manila (near UST and delivers there only); 445 San Rafael St., San Miguel, Manila; 2581 Leon Guinto St. Malate, Manila

      Most accessible is the V. Concepcion branch since it’s just a few steps away from UST’s Dapitan Gate. :)

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