Half Day to Divisoria and Binondo

Spent the entire morning scouring Divisoria for good finds. The place is seriously packed! People are probably scouring for Christmas gifts this early. Most of the stuff there are inexpensive and the variety can drive a bargain hunter mad. Clothes, shoes, home accessories, toys, novelty items, makeup, electronics; I wouldn’t even be surprised if there are good books or natural acne treatment sold in Divi, those I listed are the usual stuff in most stalls.

I didn’t get to go around that much but I was able to buy a couple of things like that round foldable fan I’ve been seeing a lot lately in various colors. My eyes are naturally drawn to accessories shops, since the time I found out that some of the vintage long necklaces I see in malls and stalls are cheaper here by probably Php 20 to 50 pesos. I scored a good buy with a classy long necklace.

Rhinestone flowers necklace

Rhinestone flowers necklace

We went to Binondo after for Chinese food lunch. Not to be missed in the area is Eng Bee Tin, known for their quality hopia products and more. I really love their monggo hopia, it’s just disappointing they didn’t have stocks of it in its hopia dice version.

I also grabbed a couple of mocha-flavored mochi, which is their newest product. It comes in other flavors like banana and honey-something something (the exact name escapes me). The tikoy roll is not a new addition to their product line but I kind of miss eating tikoy so here’s to hoping this tastes good.

Eng Bee Tin Monggo hopia, mocha mochi, tikoy roll

My favorite Eng Bee Tin Monggo hopia. First time to try mocha mochi and tikoy roll!



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  • Iza

    I’m planning to go to Divi but I’m having second thoughts since I’m betting it’s jampacked. Hahaha.

    • MM

      So far wala pa daw masyado! Go na! :D

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