Too Much on a Fangirl’s Plate

When fangirls catch sight of something that reminds them of something they like, they are bound to get giddy and do something weird without thinking whether there are people who might catch them in what others perceive as an “embarrassing moment.”

I’m guilty of that.

Yesterday, we went to Discovery Suites. On our way to the restroom, I saw four frames. Shrieks ensued.

Frame #1:

Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy (September 19-22, 2007)

Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy (September 19-22, 2007)

Frame #2:

Jason Wade of Lifehouse (July 24, 2008)

Jason Wade of Lifehouse (July 24, 2008)

Frame #3 is Martin Nievera’s. But since I have a picture with THE Martin Nievera himself, I didn’t take a picture of it anymore.

It’s a really nice way of showing visitors who have stayed at the hotel, instead of the usual photos or signatures on paper (one can just say it made use of rubber stamps for easier autograph process, LOL).

I’m just wondering where Brandon Boyd’s plate is.



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