Remembering Memories

Went down south again, this time, to pay a visit to a loved one.

A fast rewind of that day, since I still have another backlog (and I plan to post-process photos for that entry after I’m done with this):

Stopover One: Rose and Grace Restaurant
We’ve been to this restaurant for a couple of times already. Seeing all the food items lined up (it’s a turo-turo style fastfood of sorts) will make one think of the most effective weight loss pills in the market (especially if you’re the type who just couldn’t resist eating upon seeing appetizing food). One of our orders was the bulalo. Unfortunately, the meat wasn’t that tender so I just settled with other viands.

Bulalo from Rose and Grace Restaurant

Rose and Grace Restaurant is the home of Batangas bulalo, they say

SM City San Pablo

SM City San Pablo is the 38th SM mall

Stopover Two: SM City San Pablo

A side trip to a newly opened SM mall in the country. According to its Wikipedia page, it has 56,086 square meters of gross floor area. I absolutely have no sense of estimating spaces, and I didn’t really think it would be that small compared to other SM malls (it’s also just a two-storey structure). A rough guesstimate: it’s as big as Ali Mall.

The other SM mall nearest to the area, SM City Calamba, is a bit larger, as I have read. SM malls sprouting left to right and I haven’t even visited half of them all. Yes, I did have that childhood dream of visiting around 12 branches of SM listed on the blue plastic bag.

Going back, the usual SM tenants are there, as well as the SM “essentials” (that being the department store and the supermarket). I am not sure if all new SM malls have this, but it’s cute nonetheless:

Cute walls leading to the restrooms

Painted walls leading to the restrooms

There was a Halloween event that day too. Kids were all in costumes and most of them are just plain cute! The highlight for children was the appearance of Jollibee and his friends. Even my cousin chased after the mascots after their appearance on stage! Even I made a beeline towards them mascots. It’s been ages since I’ve seen Jollibee mascots.

My little cousin chasing Jollibee!

My little cousin chasing Jollibee!

I must be so old, I don’t even know who Popo is. :-/



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