On Kimerald and JLC’s Leading Ladies

Once in a while, I get lost in the world of showbiz. While I may not be a solid fangirl to any celebrity in the local showbiz scene as of the moment (I like John Lloyd Cruz but I don’t fangirl him like woah), I have a fascination for one of the country’s hottest love teams to date: Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson, otherwise known as Kimerald.

Looking back on their stint in Pinoy Big Brother, it now occurs to me that I didn’t really support their pairing. I’m sure some can still recall that there was a love triangle of sorts in the house, which included Kim, Gerald and Mikee Lee. It was only years after, during my stint as a trainee for ABS-CBN.

For two Sundays I was present in the variety show ASAP. I bump into celebrities all the time, and I kind of regret that I didn’t have a photo-op with Kim and Gerald together (I have photos with them separately). My co-OJT tried to persuade me then, saying “Magpa-picture ka na sa Kimerald, kunwari ikaw yung kontrabida.” LOL Anyway, one of my jobs (and I’m sure fanatics would totally dig this part) was to call artists before their cue/segments. The time came for me to call on Kimerald. As a girl, my initial thought was “Ang gwapo naman ni Gerald” (Gerald’s so handsome). All three of us walked our way to the studio, the duo in front of me, chatting casually and laughing in between. I was just there, not really paying attention to what they’re talking about, too preoccupied with thoughts running through my head.

Ano kaya pakiramdam ng ganito?

Magka-inlab-an kaya sila?

May something kaya sa kanila?

I almost expected “Love Team” by Itchyworms to suddenly play in the background, until I snapped back to reality. Back then I didn’t even realize that the story of the music video revolves exactly on what I was thinking that time. Kimerald got me in less than three minutes.

Since then, I’d always feel a little kilig whenever I see them on television. I even wrote my film script with them as my inspiration!

I never really watched their movies on the big screen, but I might just do for their latest movie, Till My Heartaches End. Since Gerald broke down during their press conference, I actually felt bad for him. This must be it, the end of the love team I half-wished would be a reality in real life. Yes I am affected. HAHA!

Till My Heartaches End

Till My Heartaches End movie poster

Another upcoming movie by Star Cinema is My Amnesia Girl. This movie is John Lloyd Cruz and Toni Gonzaga‘s first project together for the silver screen. Ignoring the title, I have to admit that I was intrigued with the story just by watching the trailer.

I’m no Toni Gonzaga fanatic, although I can say that her movies with Sam Milby are quite funny—I always catch them on Cinema One. The opposite is the case with John Lloyd Cruz—I’ve managed to watch all his films on the big screen since Close To You, his first few movies with Bea Alonzo through Cinema One also. But no, I’m not really a Bea Alonzo fan. It’s actually the same with Sarah Geronimo, but I found her to be entertaining enough for the movies A Very Special Love and You Changed My Life. Oh wait, let me just get to my point: the motivation behind seeing a John Lloyd movie, for me, is John Lloyd himself. His films always break records, be it with longtime screen partner Bea or two-time leading lady Sarah. I’m sure that My Amnesia Girl will be a hit as well—definitely one for the books.

There’s something wrong with the title, though: the word “amnesia” is not an adjective, it’s a noun. I hope it’s intentional that it sounds wrong. ;) Sorry, just had to let that one out. But despite that and most people’s expectations that it’s another take on 50 First Dates, I am looking forward to being entertained by My Amnesia Girl.

Photo from Star Cinema Multiply Page



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