Another Food Weekend

One of the best things whenever it’s a long weekend is the pigging out that comes with it. It’s unavoidable AND enjoyable. I remember the doctor telling me recently that I should exercise regularly (and Lipofuze is not an option, LOL). She says it’s needed but if I eat a lot would there be a significant difference?

Crazy thought. Ate at Dampa the other day and heartily had my share of lobster meat, shrimps, crabs and squids—seafood madness. I didn’t even had time to take photos because everyone was hungry.

For today, we had lugaw1 (is the English term for this “congee”?). There are lots of food that can be paired with lugaw. The classic tokwa’t baboy is a bestseller in most lugawan stores. But me, I prefer dila2 soaked in vinegar and with siling labuyo3, too.


Lugaw with garlic and sang!


I prefer dila over tokwa’t baboy

Lugaw is also best with lumpiang shanghai, boiled egg, or with chicken bits or parts (arroz caldo). One thing that sets Filipino food apart is the variety of flavors even with simple dishes. The lugaw can stand alone and be delicious by itself, but it’s also yummy when paired with the side dishes mentioned above. Filipino food is cool like that.


  1. a rice porridge of sorts []
  2. ox tongue []
  3. chili pepper []


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