Big LEGO Minifig, Small UST Watch

My fascination with all things LEGO is inexplicable. What I do remember is asking an uncle of mine to buy me a LEGO when I was a kid and that was it. Now I fancy LEGO-inspired things, be it apparel, accessories, novelty items—anything that involves building blocks and minifigs (aka the LEGO people). My first purchase of a LEGO-like item is the iSound LEGO speaker, but up to now, I still haven’t found anything to add to it to make the phrase “collecting items” a reality.

This reminds me of a LEGO exhibit some months back, held at the Mega Atrium. There were plenty of minifigs all throughout the exhibit area!

LEGO Exhibit at Mega Atrium

A LEGO minifig made out of… LEGO?

LEGO Exhibit at Mega Atrium

Plenty of them in the sea!

So I was researching on LEGO collectibles and stumbled upon this LEGO LED Lantern. Imagine a minifig who took hgh supplements LOL. It’s really big and cute! Since seeing SNSD member Sunny’s official photo for “Oh!”, I’ve been on the lookout for an oversized minifig. This will definitely do.

LEGO LED Lantern

LEGO Minifig—not quite.

And I just found out today through my batchmate that UST finally has a Quadricentennial Commemorative Swatch! There’s a huge one at the Plaza Mayor that counts down until the actual year of 2011. Not really digging the design but the clock face for the Thomasian Swatch is so classy. It retails at Php 3500. Considering it’s a Swatch (and presumably a limited edition at that), the price is not bad at all. Swatches last for years. :)

UST Quadricentennial Commemorative Swatch

Just in time for 2011 ;)

Check and check. Adding these two to my wishlist. :)

Photo credits: PerpetualKid (LEGO LED Lantern) and UST (Swatch)



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  • Pinky Acuna

    do yo know where i can buy thomasian swatch watch (black and yellow)? i like this better than the dominican duo and its more affordable.

    • MM

      You can try checking it out on campus! I heard Quadri goodies are sold there. :)

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