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I don’t really do groceries but I enjoy looking at the countless racks containing various items and products. Supermarkets are colorful places—I sometimes get inspired with all the logos and packaging all around me (advertising much!). Of course, there are times when I shop for stuff I don’t really need. It’s just tempting to step in these stores and grab whatever, something to munch come merienda time or when plain bored.

Today’s one of those days. Here are some of my purchases:

Isparkleen's buys


Pillsbury One-Step Hotcake Mix
The choice was between the Creamy Vanilla kind and this one with chocolate chips. Not fond of strong vanilla flavor so I went for the safer option—anything with chocolate is most likely delicious! I don’t really cook but I really like McDonald’s pancakes. I like it so much that I am determined to find out how it’s done and make it by myself. Hello, experimenting. The last time I attempted to make McDo-like pancakes, it turned into bibingka.

VCut Potato Chips Sweet Chili
Before, I would splurge on VCut Barbecue flavor once a week. Years after, this Sweet Chili variant was introduced and instantly became my favorite VCut flavor.

Tiger biscuits
I got to taste this yesterday, thanks to one of my bosses. I didn’t know these Tiger biscuits tasted so good! I recall Lyo telling me that she likes these biscuits when we were still in college but I didn’t know there was a chocolate version of it.

Meiji Lucky Stick
When I was little, it was just Yan-Yan. A year ago, I discovered Pocky. Through research I found out that there are other sweet pretzel goodies in the market, although most of it can be found internationally. It was my first time to see this on the rack, so I impulsively grabbed one for me to try. I wonder which tastes better, this or Pocky.

Pik-Nik Fabulous Fries
One of my favorites! I can finish one big container of Pink-Nik in one sitting. Such a pig, I know.

Meiji Pucca Strawberry Pretzel
I don’t eat real strawberries. This isn’t for me actually, I bought it for my cousin who loves the taste of strawberry. :)

I think I’ve lost my appetite just by enumerating all these!



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  • Aja Lapus


    • MM

      Which one?

  • Lyo

    Hahahahah! I’m over my Tiger biscuits obsession. Try Tortillos Sour cream and cheese and Cloud 9 Double fudge (the purple one) SARAAAAP.

    • MM

      Hahaha. I didn’t buy again after this purchase, too chocolatey to frequently eat. Might as well get chocolate bars.

      Sige! Will buy!

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