New Discoveries: Serenitea and Hizon’s

I was in fourth year college when I first tried milk tea. It was basically brewed tea with milk, but the right mix of these two, together with other ingredients such as flavors and pearls, (more commonly known as sago) can make or break a milk tea concoction.

I found myself falling in line almost everyday at Simple Life, located at the UST carpark. It was the perfect milk tea for me—brew was not too strong, creaminess was just right, and not to mention inexpensive too. Even after graduation, whenever I am in the area, you can be sure that I’d be buying tapioca black milk tea from them. Sadly, all Simple Life branches (including the one in Taft Avenue near De La Salle University) had already closed months ago. I also love Bubble Tea but their new prices almost match that of Starbucks, and that will now make me think twice before buying my favorite Royal Milk Tea. Taste had also changed recently, I’m not sure if it was just one of those “not well-prepared” drinks for the day. I’m happy to share that I was able to try Serenitea’s milk tea earlier. I’ve read so many raves about this tea place but their branches are quite inaccessible (they don’t have stalls in malls yet). So when my officemate was asking around for people who might want some milk tea for delivery, I quickly joined the list.

Serenitea’s Royal Milk Tea. The cool thing about their drinks is that you can customize your drink!

It’s not as milky as my old-time favorite, but it’ll do. The blend is not that strong and the amount of pearls are enough to make anyone choke when sipped nonstop. :P I’ve yet to try other varieties. Their list is so long!

Yesterday, we were able to find a branch of Hizon’s in Greenhills. My mom and I have been reading about the best ensaymadas in town and it was on the list. I’m not really a fan of big ensaymadas with queso de bola so I chose egg rolls instead. It’s like good old pianono1 I used to eat all the time when I was little, only a bit sweeter.

Hizon's egg roll

Pianono, is that you?

These are just some of my recent yummy finds. Know of any must-try restaurants or food shops? :)


  1. Pinoy jelly roll []


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