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[EDIT] The Super Show 3 poster is fake, according to Apple Sy.

Regardless, SVIP and VVIP term usage in concerts = don’t like. XD

Random thought: I remember seeing a seat plan with SVIP and SSVIP, years back. I thought it’s just one of those terms that would be used sparingly, the need to name more divisions for the venue’s sections when the situation arises. Most concert nowadays make use of this and it bothers me. What is VV in VVIP? Very Very? SVIP is “Super Very Important Person”? “Very” and “super” mean the same thing. The term VIP just lost its meaning thanks to adjective overuse. Sounds redundant too.

[EDIT] I just checked TicketNet out of curiosity and saw in one of the events that the “S” in “SVIP” really meant “super.” HAHA



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  • Lei

    Hi MM! According to a VERY VERY reliable source, this promo poster is fake. But yeah, they have VVIP and SVIP seats(and stands? nyahaha). XD

    • MM

      Thanks for that ate Lei, will edit the post. :)

      Super pala talaga yung S! O_O

      • Lei

        Yep, Super nga ung S sa SVIP. Pero for SS3 it is for the standing area beside the stage. Last SS2 kasi same na SVIP sa Seated and Standing e.

        • MM

          Oh I see. The S there meant standing and seating? Yung nakikita ko dati eh naka-parenthesis yung reserved seating or whatnot based on section. Haha, ang kulit na ng mga terms nowadays. :P

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