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I remember my classmate who gave me a copy of a “songhits” with this photo used as cover photo.

My memory fails me sometimes. I completely forgot that last Saturday, September 25, marks the sixth year since I saw British boyband Blue in person. It is a big deal for me, for that fortuitous event was the beginning of bigger things to come. That experience gave me the confidence to submit an article to a widely read magazine, local teen publication Candy.

Upon recalling that memory, I found myself Googling for the latest news about my favorite boyband. Found out they’re already recording for their next album! Yes, they are reuniting! Really can’t wait to hear them sing new songs! They had solo projects but of course, the Blue sound is different from their individual ventures. Also, Lee Ryan has released his second solo album. I bet record bars here don’t have that one yet. :(

I used to have this poster on my wall

I used to have this poster on my wall

“Guilty” is by far my favorite Blue album, although the thought of seeing the music video for “Curtain Falls” the first time still reminds me of the sadness I felt, sensing that the song might mean their exit from the spotlight.

Blue as angels!

Blue as angels!

I wonder what their next release’s sound would be. I like their brand of RnB. It’s sad that the special collections weren’t released in the Philippines such as the Platinum Collection! Maybe when they stage another concert in Manila, which of course, I’d want to happen. I still have that front row/front of house/backstage ambition. I also haven’t got the chance to talk to Duncan James face-to-face, and take group photos. So please, “If You Come Back”… sing “Best In Me” the next time around, yes? :)

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  • dindin

    Blue! hahaha, favorite ko rin yan nun :)) swerte mo naman! na-meet mo na yun Blue, nasa Candy Mag ka pa :P nagreply pala ko dun sa comment mo sa blog ko, san ka nag-student DJ!? :))

    • MM

      For a boyband, polished yung sound nila. :P

      Campus 99.5 :)

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