There’s Always Something New

Today is one of those days when my geeky side just can’t contain all these fresh and exciting developments from manufacturers out to win the hearts (and hard-earned cash) of consumers.

Mobile phones. Cellular phones. Those little things used to be reminiscent of the remote controls scattered in your den, with antenna to boot. Not anymore.

It’s safe to say that it was my generation who saw the rise of these “wireless phones”: the pangkadkad ng yelo form, slim candybars, sliders, swivels (Nokia 6260, is that you? N93?), odd QWERTY phones (think Nokia 5510, the XpressMusic of the early 2000, no match to today’s classy BlackBerries!), the list goes on. And yes, I just recalled the names of those units in my head. I am one big Nokia fangirl who used to collect their brochures whenever I drop by malls. My fascination for technical specifications probably started during those times.

Companies must be running out of names to give their units that they just have to repeat usage or more aptly, screw up their naming conventions. In the recently held Nokia World, I found out that there is indeed truth to the Nokia C6-01, a rumor that was spread out shortly after the availability of the Nokia C6-00 in most countries. And the release of that handset was more than a month before Nokia World. So there is a newer C6. The Finnish brand has also dropped the four-digit names and is currently following the naming convention of their flagship line, N series, by using a certain letter plus a number that may range from one to ten (skipping four as respect to the Asian market).

Here are two of the newest phones from the C line:

Nokia C6-01

The Nokia C6-01 is the new C6. They ditched the QWERTY but this touch screen has AMOLED display AND! It runs Symbian^3!

Nokia C7

The Nokia C7.

And then, there’s the sleek iPhone 4 which was launched yesterday here in the Philippines. The Multi-Touch feature is sweet, and so is the crisp retina display. Then you load all the apps you can store on its 32GB storage. But I will never dig the text input of these phones. And the price tag.

iPhone 4

The Apple iPhone 4.

There’s something about touch screen, like what I stated in an earlier post. If I had a say, I’d still go for real, tangible keys and buttons. Hopefully, they don’t turn back on what still is more responsive.

Photo credits: Nokia World [Nokia C6 and C7] and Apple [iPhone 4]



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