A Sudden Makeover

A makeover takes time. But for someone as impatient as me, when inspiration strikes, my determination just gets the best of me.

This is where my weekend went.

Barely three months into settling in this new domain, I kind of got tired with my header design (which I made a day or two after the site started running) and decided to change it yesterday into something more… isparkleen.

This so-called new look is more like an update. It seems to me now that the previous version is an unfinished project, and this is what it should’ve looked like from the very beginning. I felt the urge to make some aesthetic changes, and create a tagline for the blog, too. I am OC like that. I like things pretty and organized. :)

First version of isparkleen.com

This is the old one.

It took me hours to come up with a tagline which encapsulates what the website is all about. “She sparkles” used to be my unofficial tagline when I was still blogging on Blogger but I don’t think it would still sound as classy as it was before. Don’t want my readers to think that this site is for Twilight and that I claim to really sparkle.

First few phrases that came to mind involved the words “sparkle” and “online”. Branding is indeed a challenge, especially when you are trying to describe yourself. I eventually settled with “The Scribbling Shutter Star” so that isparkleen as an adjective (sparkling) essence is still there, alongside the word “star”, the noun for that adjective. I wanted to marry my passion for words and taking photographs. I do hope my readers get what the phrase means.

I’m also working on my pages’ content. There are still more changes to implement, so stay tuned!



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