The Touch Screen Phenomenon

iPod nano 5th generation

In true Apple fashion, the latest iPod nano is sleek and thin

I wonder if it is because of age, but I personally would like keypads and other conventional input methods to stay for good. Touch screen is cute, especially for gaming and touch sensitive applications. It brings the fun to the table.

Touchscreen input is such a chore for other things, like text input. Subsequently using a touch screen device and a keypad-equipped device can confuse one’s brain—I once tapped the PSP screen to quit a game but nothing happened until it sunk that it won’t respond.

The iPod Nano is the iPod that always changes form factor every year. There are always surprises up on Apple’s sleeves, and the latest reincarnation of the iPod nano is something we should’ve expected. With their latest hit that is the iPad plus the iPhone 4, it is no wonder that they’re planning to make the switch to touch screen across all products.

iPod nano 5th generation

Candy colors, still, for this little wonder

I wonder how fun this Multi-Touch thing is, with a screen size that small. Album art is like a cute 1×1 photo, maybe? The 4th generation had it going with its video capabilities, and with the size of this new nano, it’s really impossible to have that feature of the former. Also, this can easily beat the Shuffle line in terms of size! I’m sure Apple won’t churn out something that won’t sell.

When you really think about it, there’s a gadget redundancy going on recently. With almost all devices having the same features and running on similar platforms, the need to bring a gadget now requires thinking, especially with traveling. Why bring everything when you can just bring a device or two which can do the job? All-in-one is now the name of the game. The lack of specialization is the only downside here, but who’s to say with the foreseen improvements in the years to come? :)

So, how about a Mac Book tablet next? Or, in a totally Apple-unrelated note, a touch screen PSP? :)

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  • Louie

    I also once thought that my brother’s PSP was touch-capable. It took me a few seconds before it hit me that that it won’t respond. And my siblings noticed me doing it. LOL. I’m not sure if Apple made the right decision to make the iPod Nano have touchscreen capability. It’s just so wrong to me. But then again, I never owned an iPod that has a click wheel so I never got accustomed to any iPods that have it. Well, touch is what’s in and Apple is just giving whatever they think their customers and future customers like.

    • MM

      The click wheel is really helpful especially for high capacity iPods. But I find the nano cute. I just don’t know how “fun” the touch screen experience will be with a screen as small as that. :))

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