In the City… of Pines

The recent long weekend allowed me and my family to have some R&R at Baguio City. If my memory serves me right, this is my fifth time in the City of Pines, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the PH.

The weather is a far cry from Metro Manila’s moody atmospheric conditions. But if there’s something in common with the metropolis and this place up north, it’s a huge SM mall.

Baguio 2010 trip

Of course, there’s SM

I feel so old remembering the fact that there wasn’t any SM there yet when I was a toddler. It’s my second time in SM Baguio, and it can get so chilly even in the afternoons, and even with the sun! Take note that this mall does not have air conditioning units running. The cold breeze is enough ventilation!

Trip to Baguio 2010

View from the top

It would be nice if some things stayed the same. But Baguio has truly changed throughout the years. Burnham Park isn’t as clean as it used to be. The lake no longer features sparkling blue waters, only greenish agua probably caused by algae.

Trip to Baguio 2010

The famous boats

Included in our plans was to eat at O’ Mai Khan and Cafe by the Ruins. Didn’t take a photo when we were in O’ Mai Khan as it was serious business (it’s Mongolian buffet! The veggies there are the freshest too, we needed to concentrate on making our dishes and enjoying them). Lunch for our day two was at the latter.

Trip to Baguio 2010

Well, it was from Cafe By The Ruins…

Their Chocolate de Agua, pictured above, was a surprise. Was only expecting hot chocolate served the usual way… but considering the name of the place, there were “ruins” on the rim. Some of the stuff we tried on their menu are the following:

Trip to Baguio 2010

Quesadilla with kesong puti and jalapeño peppers. Mom chose this because she likes quesadilla

Trip to Baguio 2010

Curry chicken, if I am not mistaken

Trip to Baguio 2010

Good ol’ Bangus for me

We also stayed at The Manor, which had posh rooms (the place looked homey, not the kind of impression one would get from hotels). And again, there were no air conditioning units. Let’s get the pictures do the talking:

Trip to Baguio 2010

The Manor blends so well with its surroundings. Pines trees surround the structure

Trip to Baguio 2010

Balconies from our balcony

Trip to Baguio 2010

Spacious room, cozy interiors

Trip to Baguio 2010

The Manor’s garden

No Baguio trip is complete without dropping by the Lourdes Grotto. Now, I’ll be honest, we didn’t climb all the way up as we started midway due to the drizzle.

Trip to Baguio 2010

The Grotto

Trip to Baguio 2010

Candles in the rain

It basically rained everyday. The weather was awesome, too bad air can’t be stored as pasalubong. The Baguio breeze alone made our short vacation definitely relaxing.



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  • Claud

    Tama, Baguio has changed a lot. Sabi ng Papa ko, nung binata daw siya super maamoy pa daw yung mga pines. Heee. :)

    ‘Di kayo nag-ukay!

    Wala bang paranormal experiences? Ha!

    • MM

      Wala na akong naamoy! :( Pero maganda pa rin silang tingnan. :)

      Hindi na, lagi kasing umuulan. Saka kasi uso pa dengue…

      • Claud

        Heee, nung ’70s pa daw yun. :)

  • Sam

    Hi MM! Omaygaaad, Baguio! <3

    Nakakainis nga sa Session Road. Ang sikip-sikip! How do you get to Cafe By The Ruins?

    • MM

      Samiboooooo! IMY! :D

      It’s near O’ Mai Khan. Hindi ko alam paano sabihin yung directions but I’m sure the locals can easily help you with that. :)

  • Claud

    HI SAM! HIII. :)

  • Danielle SY

    hi M! Did you see the dusk there? The dusk there is sooo beautiful! :)

    • MM

      Hi Danielle! Unfortunately I didn’t! We didn’t go around that much at night. It was too chilly. :))

  • Louie

    I and Shayne think that Baguio has become too boring. We’ve been there for at least five times; I’ve already lost count. Whenever we go there, we just visit the same old places. Should I go back there in the future, I want to see something new!

    • MM

      Hopefully they could make something to bring back the “tourist-y” appeal it once had. :)

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