A Visual Wishlist

Pins on the wall

My magnet board’s push pin magnets

There’s a semblance of truth when they say that you should be reminded of your dreams constantly in order for you to achieve, get them. I like making lists and clippings of whatever it is that I like, so this comes naturally to me. Isn’t it the best feeling in the world, seeing something turn into reality, and cross it out on your list just because you got what you wanted already? :)

When I was in college, I used to have a whiteboard/corkboard but mom threw it away after graduation, thinking I’ll never find any use for it anymore. The lack of visual inspiration has been bugging me recently and I don’t really like the look of a white board so imagine my surprise when I saw this magnet board at National Book Store!

Magnet board

Dream, believe, achieve!

The push pin magnets were a gift from my mom. I remember telling her that I saw push pins disguised as magnets, and that it would look good for my then proposed magnet board. Good for me, she found a set of them colorful magnets a day after me getting the magnet board. Now, my hope-to-have/I-can-wish stuff are finally displayed, catching my attention most of the time. Which should remind me to do well, for me to earn rewards.

Having something like this will truly make anyone happy and inspired, so get your clippings, prized photos, and the like, and post them where you can see them!



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  • Yani Navasca

    “MM, this one is really nice as well as the push pin magnets. I went on this site several times just to look at it. :)

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