O Hai Pacquiao!

This afternoon, one of our account executives tagged me along to the launch of Sony 3D television sets at the New World Renaissance Hotel in Makati. Little did we know that the world boxing champion Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao was going to grace the event.

Manny Pacquiao at the Sony 3D TV launch

Manny Pacquiao at the Sony 3D TV launch

He was very funny, it made me forget he’s already a congressman. His launch as Sony Philippines brand ambassador also makes him the first owner of the 3D television. Sweet!

I had the chance to try out this new technology and I was simply amazed by the clarity and realism rendered on the screen. The video clip played during the demo was that of the World Cup—I almost wanted to duck when the ball was kicked towards my direction. Reality check, MM. =))

P.S. I wish I had a photo with him but he barely had breathing space when he stepped out of the stage.



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