Hats Off, Hands Down

Long overdue. It’s time to share stories about my favorite mall, Glorietta.

Behind the Music with Dashboard Confessional

Never got to voice it out directly, I don’t mind really

Since I was in the area for lunch, I claimed my token from Ayala Malls. I won as Pick of the Month for sharing MyExperience on their website. Mallgoers are encouraged to leave comments and suggestions for the Ayala Malls. In my case, I wrote about Glorietta and the guard who helped me and my mom out when I fainted some years back at Food Choices. I wish I could recall the name of that guard, though. When asked why I still opted to share such experience, I replied to the Ayala Malls representatives who met me that day that I appreciated the help extended to us that time. I hope that by sharing my story, their wonderful employees will hopefully continue assisting the mallgoers to the best of their abilities. And oh, thanks for the token, Glorietta! :)

Let me segue this to Dashboard Confessional, who visited the country more than two months ago for a concert in TriNoma and a press conference held in Glorietta. I was contemplating on posting this on my Blogger and since I was planning to make the move to another platform, I stalled. Anyway, here goes.


Upon finding out that Dashboard Confessional was going to stage their first ever performance here in Manila, I immediately posted it on my blog. That time, I was all set to watch them perform, but of course, reality bites in the form of ticket prices that I found to be really pricey, especially if you take into consideration the venue—TriNoma Mindanao Open Parking Grounds—a space that has been a venue for Owl City’s gig last March. I have absolutely accepted the fact that not all concerts are to be staged in my favorite event venue, the Araneta Coliseum, but open spaces that really ticks me off. Aside from the possibility of pouring rain, it annoys me that everybody is standing on about the same ground level and that height is of no advantage, even to relatively tall girls like me. Surrounded by busy thoroughfares, I really think it isn’t the best venue to stage concerts. I can’t really do anything about it and obviously it has influenced and convinced me into not attending the concert at all. A sad thing I must accept, as I regret not hearing Chris Carrabba and the guys of DC rock out to “Hands Down” live. As in real live live.

Days before their concert, my mind was already made up. I thought everything would simply pass by: concert over, wait for the next visit, save up in between months or years of that second arrival in hopes of better venue and prices in mounting such an event. The unexpected, however, took me by surprise. The week before the week of the concert, my college batchmate posted on her social networking account that she was looking for someone who would want to join her to the band’s meet and greet-slash-press conference which was scheduled a day before the concert. I was the first to reply, and that no one followed. It’s as if it was just me my batchmate was waiting for. Everything was going so well until two days before the fanmeet, I was informed by my friend that there were only two slots left for it. The good thing about it was that I wasn’t that crushed. For some reason, I expected something like that would happen.

From that point onwards, I realized there was no use expecting for something to happen. There was a contest on Glorietta’s official fan page. The question was a question (get what I mean by checking out the screenshot):

Glorietta status for Dashboard Confessional contest

Glorietta fanpage status for Dashboard Confessional contest

To keep the story short, my question was chosen as one of the winning entries. I won for myself a pass for Behind the Music with Dashboard Confessional, a fan meet and press conference which was held a day before the concert.

Behind the Music with Dashboard Confessional

Behind the Music with Dashboard Confessional passes

Everything went smoothly. My boss was kind enough to allow me to go, and I managed to get a seat for myself that offered an awesome view—third row to be exact—to think I wasn’t there to cover the event (as opposed to my previous encounters with press conferences and events like this where I went as a representative of a publication). Can I just say IT WAS SO SURREAL. I know that to hear them singing their hits live is probably way better than just hearing them talk live, but the chance that I get randomly picked to meet one of my favorite artists is just all too… random, especially after meeting Boys Like Girls earlier this year.

Behind the Music with Dashboard Confessional

Question and answer portion for the band

Behind the Music with Dashboard Confessional

With local musicians (the name escapes me)

Behind the Music with Dashboard Confessional

Chris Carrabba + L lens envy = makes this shot a winner

She just gets it when she wants it. ;) Again I say, thanks Glorietta!



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