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It’s a shame that while I am admittedly OC, the organizing and indexing just never ends. Take my iTunes project as an example. It has been part of my to-do lists for years, and I haven’t gotten around it… again. Every single summer vacation, every single semestral break. I open the application now and gigabytes worth of songs are still unsorted and/or missing cover art.

Since I’m currently in this business of sorting photos (yeah, that too I need to organize by date in folders), I stumbled upon my yummy photos of the food we “attacked” last Sunday at Teriyaki Boy. It’s been a while, JPEG, after getting used to RAW. The in-body processing is actually good enough. Food is such a joy to shoot. Not only they’re yummy most of the time, they wouldn’t also complain when you move, turn, squish, roll, etc., when you take their pictures. My models are the Tofu Steak, Chicken Ju (essentially the Chicken Teriyaki plus rice) and the Dynamite Rolls.

Teriyaki Boy Dynamite Rolls

Here comes the Dynamite!

Teriyaki Boy Dynamite Rolls

Taking the creamy plunge

Teriyaki Boy-Tofu Steak

Tofu Steak

Teriyaki Boy Chicken Ju

Chicken Ju

Needless to say, all three were yummy. The Dynamite Rolls were extremely spicy, despite the fact that I requested a less spicy take for my order. The creamy mayo dip combats it anyway.

Everything’s Straight Out of Camera (SOOC). :) It’s really easier to practice photography with food. This is slowly becoming my favorite subject, aside from scapes and macro photography. I really don’t know why I’m not inclined in taking portraits, though. Right now, I find it more enjoyable to be in front of the camera and make silly poses than convince another to do so. I really don’t know. I guess I’d like it to be me in a highly creative, well-executed photograph, for me to keep (yes this is coming from someone who isn’t vain). ;)



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  • Anagon

    Ang foodie mo emskyyy! i love it! paganda paganda nga your food photog! the white coffee sa previous post looks interesting! :D :p

    Hay gusto ko mag TBoy! Haha!!

    • MM

      Runs in the family. :) Thanks Ansky! Kaso nakakainis lang minsan pag gutom na, obviously hindi pa ako super gutom when I took these shots. May styling pang naganap. XD

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