Wala Namang Forever

Now this one’s different.

Wala Namang Forever book

Wala Namang Forever

How can you ignore a book that unabashedly negates the existence of “forever?” For one, the idea of forever varies from person to person, so it’s safe to say that this book is not just for non-believers of fairy tales.

This book strikes a perfect balance between those with high hopes for their romantic relationships, and for those who can’t help feeling cynical about the idea of long-lasting love. You’ll be thinking about your own notions of forever after reading this book, promise.

Keep Calm and Watch Movies

“What movie made you fall in love with watching movies?”

This one’s a no brainer.

13 Going on 30

This movie! <3

Definitely 13 Going on 30.

(I have at least five friends who can answer that for me without any hesitation. It’s the movie that would make a close friend/classmate/acquaintance text/PM/tweet/DM me out of the blue if they see it on cable TV.)

I was a bookworm when I was a kid, so it took me a while to appreciate watching movies. I have a very short attention span when it comes to watching films and television series. Hello, it took me three attempts to finish Prison Break (and I was promptly hooked after completing the pilot) and that says a lot about me, considering how interesting that show was. I guess this Jennifer Garner starrer came in at the right time, as my reads in the early 2000s slowly transitioned from Sweet Valley books to local glossy magazines.

How can someone like me who dreams of making it in the publishing industry not love a girl who becomes a “big-time magazine editor?” Jenna Rink fast-tracked her way to her dream, although we quickly saw the unglamorous and depressing side of her “new” world, and how it changed her life drastically.

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